Addressıng of Invasıve Alıen Specıes Threats ın Terrestrıal Areas and Inland Waters ın Turkey

Legal Gap Analysis

Between the dates 09 – 10 December 2020 the first online workshop on Legal Gap Analysis was held in the scope of “Addressing of Invasive Alien Species Threats In Terrestrial Areas and Inland Waters Project in Turkey”. There were more than 60 participants from different regional directorates of the Nature Conservation and National Parks within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and project non-key experts.  Guest Lecturers joined from the Ministry of Environment in Croatia and Lithuania who showcased their experience in developing the relevant legislation framework in their respective countries. Our partners from SYKE Finland contributed as well.  

IAS or TERIAS is the first IPA project on IAS not only in Turkey but also in EU. Within the scope of the project it is aimed to control the 6 target Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in terrestrial areas and inland waters, determining the threats to nature, economy and human health, preventing their entries and to be taken under control, to reduce or destroy their impacts, therefore minimizing and monitoring their adverse effects on natural species and habitats in accordance with the EU Regulation No.1143/2014. The IAS inventory of Turkey, draft legislation, national strategy and action plan will also be developed for the first time with this project in Turkey.

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